After bringing after moving with the machine into the house, you need to free it from its packaging. Carefully unroll the film, remove the tape from the hatch and powder cuvette, unroll the hoses and cord. Of course, unscrew the shipping bolts. To make it easier for you to transport the machine next time, leave the bolts right on the back wall – that way they won’t get lost. Check that the surface on which the washing machine stands is absolutely level, there is no moisture on it, and the unit stands straight and stable. Carry out an external inspection of the equipment: no damage to the housing, chips, whether the powder cuvette is properly installed, whether the hatch closes and opens tightly. Now you can connect the hoses, plug the machine into the mains and check if everything works as it should.

After transporting the washer-dryer you must not:

place the machine on a wet or uneven floor;
plug the machine in if the cord or drain hose has been damaged during transport;
do not use the washer-dryer with a damaged cuff or drum.