If you decide to move to another country, among other troubles, you will face the issue of transporting things. Let’s figure it out: what is worth taking with you, how to prepare things and, in fact, transport them to the place.

Decide what to bring

Of course, much depends on the duration and purpose of the trip. Maybe we are talking about a temporary relocation, a few months, a business trip, a “wintering”. Or maybe you are planning to move permanently. In any case, you have several options.

On the one hand, it makes no sense to carry too much with you. If the path is not close, transporting some things can be more expensive than buying new ones. In addition, often after moving people seek to renew the environment around them – a new place, new furniture, a new way of life. On the other hand, starting to settle down in a new place empty-handed is uncomfortable. Some get used to things and do not want to part with them.

How to be? As they say, the truth is somewhere in the middle. Seek balance. Here is an example algorithm of reasoning and action:

First, determine the essentials – a minimum set of clothes, personal items, a laptop, etc. Something that you definitely want to take with you into your new life.
Then think about what items create your personal comfort. This will be a rather subjective assessment. Maybe your favorite coffee maker is so dear to you that you should be puzzled by its transportation.
Decide how you will transport things to a new country. Important factors depend on this: the cost of transportation and restrictions on the volume and / or weight of the transported.
Find out the prices for clothes, furniture and household items in a new country. Compare with carrier rates. It may turn out that it is cheaper to transport some things than to buy new ones. Or, on the contrary, it is more profitable to sell the property here and travel light.

How to deal with unnecessary things

Selected those things that you will take with you – excellent. Unnecessary property can be distributed to loved ones, sold, donated to charity, disposed of in the end.

We have already said that if you are going abroad for a long time and plan to return, it may not be practical to bring a lot of things with you. However, getting rid of them is also not the best option. After all, after, say, six months, you will have to acquire familiar items on a new one. In this case, it is better to find a warehouse and leave things for storage. Our warehouses are optimally suited for storing equipment, furniture and personal belongings. We provide rack storage – often it is significantly more profitable than renting boxes. Payment can be made online through your personal account. If there are concerns that there will be difficulties with the transfer of payment, it is better to make an advance payment for 6 months. Warehouses are warm and dry, and the shelf life is not limited in any way.

Choose a method of transportation

Air transportation is the fastest, but also the most expensive. It is important to have an airport in the destination city.
Road transportation is optimal in price, delivery can be carried out “to the door”. Of the minuses – it depends on weather conditions and the traffic situation, it will not work if you are moving to another continent or an island nation.
Rail transportation is the most predictable in terms of the timing of cargo arrival. However, not every country can be delivered by train.
Sea transportation is suitable if you are moving to another continent. But it has long delivery times and relatively high cost.

There are also various combinations of these paths. Contact a specialized company for advice or study the information yourself.

Property preparation

One of the key conditions for successful transportation of things without damage is packaging. It must be thoughtful and reliable. Here we are ready to help. We have been in the moving business for over 20 years. There are no international transportations in the list of our services, but we have hundreds of times prepared property for international shipments by various modes of transport. We know about all the subtleties and can take on the full cycle of preparing things:

we will calculate how much and what kind of packaging materials will be required, we will deliver them;
disassemble the furniture if necessary;
we will pack personal belongings, fragile items, equipment;
we will deliver the packed items to the place of dispatch;
if some of the things must go to storage, we will organize this process at the same time.

In most cases, we can handle it in 1 day – quickly and completely without your participation. Free yourself from unnecessary tasks of preparing property for transportation, concentrate on the important. This is especially valuable when moving internationally, which involves a lot of hassle.