It’s a sad fact that there are moving companies that will try to rob you as opposed to Therefore, you should be aware of the red flags in advance so as not to become the next victim of such a company:

Reviews. Sharply negative online reviews or sporadic 5-star reviews. Not many moving companies are absolutely perfect. After all, they are people too. So if they only have a few 5-star reviews, be careful, especially if they use repetitive phrases or words.
Only mobile phone number. If a company only has a mobile phone number, this may be a sign that it does not have a legitimate office. How do you contact them if there is a problem? Try to establish as many forms of communication with the company as possible.
Random email address. Most professional moving companies have a professional email address, not [email protected].
Unprofessional answering the call. If a phone call is answered without a company name, it could be a sign that they don’t want to be contacted by customers.
Physical adress. It is worth spending a little of your time to check the presence of a real office of the company.
There is no possibility of a preliminary miscalculation of the move. How can a company work on moves without planning their orders throughout the day?
Trust your intuition. If you have any concerns or bad feelings about anyone you deal with at the moving company, leave. Your instincts are often incredibly accurate.
Everything is too good to be true. If the price and services offered are too good to be true, they probably are. Ask yourself how it is possible for a service to cost so little.
Never sign a moving agreement that you haven’t read. If you are not sure about any clause of the contract or do not understand what exactly you are signing, do not sign it.