Ibn Battuta and his history of traveling

Ibn Battuta

Ibn Battuta and his history of traveling

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A Morocco Muslim man named, Abu Abdullah Muhammad ibn Battuta was a very famous scholar and a traveler. He is famous for traveling experience and trips called as Rihla. He continued his journey for more than 30 years. During this era, he covered the entire new Islamic world. Ranging from North Africa to China in East, in between which it covered; west Africa, eastern and southern Europe, Middle East, the sub-continent, central and southeast Asia. After completing his journey, he returned to Morocco and explained his experience to Ibn Juzay.

At the age of twenty-one, he decides to begin his journey. On June 1325 he began his journey from Morocco to go on a pilgrimage to the holy city of Mecca Saudi Arabia. He visited Madina also as part of the pilgrimage which is known to be the second holy city for Muslims. He was influenced by the faith explained in Islam and the quest to discover more to find God. He decided to gain this divine knowledge as the order of God and to seek His guidance more clearly he wanted to travel this journey as a solitary traveler.

More importantly, he wanted to discover more and more knowledge related to God and Islam. He wanted to travel the areas that feel under the Muslim sovereignty ‘the world of Islam,’ the region where Muslims ruled and where the Islamic laws were being implemented.

Routes took by Ibn Battuta

  • During his first traveling experience, he traveled through many different countries starting from Ale geris, Tunis, Egypt, Palestine, Syria and Makah
  • Then he moved to Iraq and Shiraz, from there he once again offered pilgrimage at Makah and stayed there for almost three years.
  • Then from Jeddah, he decided to move to Yemen through sea
  • He then visited Aden and sailed for Mombasa in East When he reached Kula, he wanted to repeat performing the pilgrimage, so he went back to Oman to reach Makah through Bahrain, serif, and Yemen. But when he reached Jeddah he changed his mind and now wanted to visit India, to do so he had to travel back to Cairo, Palestine, and Syria. Reaching at Alley through the sea, he then had to cross the black sea which makes him wander for a long time and eventually makes him reach Constantinople by the southern Ukraine.

The return of Ibn Battuta

  • On the return his first route was Khurasan and all its important cities, he then crossed Hindu Kush Mountains by the khawak pass in Afghanistan and then he entered India by crossing Kabul.
  • His journey then continued to Karachi, Sukkur to Multan than hansi and finally made to Delhi.
  • For many years he enjoyed his stay at Sultan Muhammad tughlaq and then he moved to China than he crossed to Central India and moved to Goa. Next stop was Maldives, which he crossed and returned to China.
  • Next, he moved to Calicut and reached Muscat than he crossed Iran-Iraq, Syria, Palestine and Egypt and then made his 7th pilgrimage at Makah, after which he decided to return home
  • His journey did not end here, but latter also he continued to visit Spain and Niger and Sahara.

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