Air Jordan Sound Services

Here at Air Jordan 11 Sound Services we provide a large number of audio services which include EDM sample production, audio mastering services, DAW software education and ghost production for up and coming producers. Feel free to run through our blog posts for more information on who we are.


  • Studio Time Basic: $120  per hour (Full use of 1 studio room and 1 console room.
  • Studio Time Plus: $200 per hour (Full use of 3 Studios/3 Console Rooms loaded with mixing console, digital/analog tools, dynamics tools and all the free coffee you can drink to keep you awake).


  • Full Song: $500 dollars

Sound Sampling:

  • Build Custom Drum Sample Kit: $40 for whole kit.
  • Build Custom Synth Sample Kit: $60 for whole kit.
  • Foley Work for TV Shows and Movies: $120 per hour.

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